"Cruising down Pacific Coast Highway, pull the top down crawl into the back seat, lets make anthems of our own tonight"

I saw this and immediately thought of The Ataris.
Today was my last full day in Venice, I went down to Santa Monica with Tuuliaana & Rosalinda where we had lunch at Swingers. I can see why my friends back home raved about it, great food, so many vegetarian and vegan options.
After lunch the girls headed back down toward the beach and I headed up to The Cove skatepark. Normally there is a $15 charge but I was let in for free as the session was nearly over, I met Pat Ngoho there I was pretty siked, we were talking about skating and parks etc. when I introduced myself to him he was like “Brenton, ahh kinda like Renton.”
It also turns out he knows my friend RJ from back home, small world.
On that note I have also ran into more people from Melbourne, who live not far from me.
I really like it here and would like to make it out here as much as possible. Tomorrow I am of to Sacramento to stay with my Uncle, I can’t wait to meet my cousins whom I have never met. This week has gone way to fast but I have met some great people and had a lot of fun.

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  1. situationsunbearable said: We put that song on while we cruised down the highway :) Keep posting pictures, it makes me want to be back there so bad!!
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