Its Tax time and I really should put that money away for New Zealand or on my credit card, But I’d really like a pair of these Timbs.

Birthday presents before bed šŸ˜„ thanks to @_bootyquest_

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Title: Heated Artist: Shipwreck a.d. 299 plays

Im so fucking heatedĀ 
yet i can see my breathĀ 
searching for patienceĀ 
i got none leftĀ 

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It’s been a while since I went for a ride, nice night for it.

When I was younger and went on family camping trips I always wanted a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife like my dads. I’m hoping to go back to Bright this year, I might buy one of these bad boys.

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Finally! Starts shipping Wednesday! I just updated the webstore with all the distro stock I have too. Heaps of sick records!!!
Order now if you havenā€™t. I have about 60 of these LPs left on black:

Looking forward to receiving this!

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Drive home jam

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The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

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